Asset & License Management

Asset and Licence Management

DSSEC are experts in the design of asset and licence management strategies, processes and procedures to record and report on asset inventories.  We are adept at licence data preparation for inclusion within configuration management databases (CMDB) and the day to day use and upkeep of licence data.

The pro-active approach we adopt includes performing independent licence audits often in close liaison with external auditors or Software OEM's to verify and validate usage and data.  In addition, our experts manage rollout and recovery / reuse of licences to minimise wastage optimising through-life ownership costs. 

Asset Management

We assess and select asset management tools, as well as design client / server implementation configurations and interfacing specifications and provide rollout and stakeholder training.  We liaise with all stakeholders across system and network boundaries. 

Licence Management

Licence procurement and technical support data is established and maintained to enable financial forecasting and to support system baselines, maintenance and upgrades.  It is our policy to actively manage licences ensuring compliance with all OEMs licensing policies and agreements.  We liaise with software vendors / agents to maintain licence and support concurrency as well as update and maintain all licensing data (e.g. licence keys and support agreements).