Our Business Partners

DSSEC works closely with the following trusted partners:

Deep Secure

Deep-Secure Ltd delivers high assurance cyber security products that enable public and private sector organisations to share information securely, confidently and efficiently. Their modular, multi-protocol assured product set enables the deployment of solutions that reduce risk, limit cost and improve operational effectiveness. They focus on delivering cyber security products that enable secure information sharing. Deployed at the network boundary, their products enable cross-domain information sharing and secure supply chain collaboration.



Capita is the UK's leading provider of business process management and integrated professional support service solutions, with 62,000 staff across the UK, Europe, South Africa and India.



IT innovation drives business transformation. For more than 30 years, BMC has helped thousands of companies around the world master tough IT challenges. From mainframe to mobile, from the back room to the boardroom, BMC delivers the automation, integration, and sophistication that enable the business and IT to perform like never before.


Net Consulting

Net Consulting are a leading IT consultancy specialising in Performance Management, Cyber Security and Managed Services. They have built a solid track record of delivering benefit driven capabilities across a diverse range of sectors.

Net Consulting provide Performance Management that gives actionable insight into network and application performance; Cyber Security that allows for analytics-driven threat detection, proactive monitoring and reflex-like incident response. Combining these offerings, Net Consulting's Managed Services deliver the resources, capabilities and support to meet their client's needs and keep pace with change.


TFD Europe

Based in the UK at Bawburgh, Norfolk, TFDE was created in 1996 as the exclusive European distributor of TFD software. If your logistics support need is for help with a particular problem, access to state of the art modelling tools, or specialist consultancy and training, they are the company that provides these services.



Fusion is a Service Management and IT Operations specialist that uses experienced staff to help IT organisations improve their service performance, quality and efficiency. Fusion advise over 200 organisations helping them to transform their IT departments using world-class IT Management Software from companies like BMC Software.

Fusion help organisations transform and improve their Service Management and IT Operations. By using advisory and strategy services like Benefits Realisation, Service Transformation, Data Centre Optimisation and Green IT Consulting, organisations can benefit from increased productivity and efficiency.


IT Performs

IT Performs help their customers make sense of a sea of data by exposing more accurate and timely performance information and improving business decision making. IT Performs are a highly experienced, friendly consultancy, passionate about Business Intelligence.