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Case Study – Theatre Networks and Service Management (TN&SM)

The Ministry of Defence requires timely and reliable communication with UK forces deployed overseas.  Communication within operational theatres is just as critical, internally as well as for coordinating with partner nations.  The environment is both data intense and complex, with multiple service providers for network infrastructure, end equipment and application services, delivered across a full range of security domains.  As well as environmental constraints, the contractual and cultural context is as varied as the technologies in use.  The challenge is how to deliver meaningful end-to-end IT Service Management for the purpose of Command, to drive component supplier performance and to improve service delivery to deployed end users.

Under an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) the MOD instigated a programme to provide a coherent view across currently deployed CIS, initially focused on Afghanistan, and as the basis for future IT Service Management transformation.  “Theatre Network and Service Management Capability” (TN&SM), is an integrated solution comprising of key capabilities that support CIS Commanders, their staffs, engineers and technicians.

To achieve success the MOD required expert support from the right IT managed service organisation, an external partner that could work through problems quickly and collaboratively in support of the MOD’s Project Team and operational users.  Critically, the support service would not be limited to just delivering and supporting innovative technologies.  The service provider would also be required to develop and progress a new Service Management approach along all ‘Lines of Development’ (Training, Equipment, Personnel, Information, Concepts and Doctrine, Organisation, Infrastructure and Logistics), to deliver a coherent, balanced and mature solution.

In March 2012 DSSEC was appointed by the MOD to provide an integrated service to drive transformation of Service Management for all operationally deployed CIS.  As well as being a support specialist and possessing deep domain knowledge, a key aspect of the contract award was recognition of DSSEC’s ability to work in flexible and agile ways, bringing a fresh approach to challenge established thinking.  To deliver the required fully integrated service DSSEC works in partnership with other SME specialists, creating conditions for their success, as well as with ‘Blue Chip’ vendors of COTS hardware and software.

“The MOD now has a real time view of deployed CIS and is able to diagnose, prioritise and proactively manage incidents as they occur.  We also have a much firmer foundation for planning and implementing change.  DSSEC has consistently demonstrated a pragmatic, ‘Make it Happen’ attitude.  Their collaborative, transparent and flexible approach has delivered success, setting new standards and expectations for Service Management within the MOD and amongst other key suppliers.”

Cdr Andy Rowlands RN, ISS Svc Ops Dep Hd Operation, DES ISS GOSCC, MOD